Girl eating Ice Cream at DelGrosso's Park

Late May / Early June

School Picnic Days

A Fun Day of Rides for only $5.50*

Book your School Picnic today to get a special "School's Out" Fun Pass pricing and cater to your group with a number of our School Picnic Lunches available through the park's catering service!

Please Note: The $5.50 fee does not cover water park access.

Contact our Group Coordinator

email to or call our Group Sales Office at 814-684-3538 (ext. 309)

Buddy Bear with Children at DelGrosso's Park


Choose Your Picnic Day

Normal School Picnic Days are in Late May / Early June

Call our Picnic Coordinator for 2021 School Group Information.

Group of children beside a picnic pavilion at DelGrosso's Park


Create Your Group Lunch

  1. Choose one main item per group:
  • Tasty Kunzler Hot Dog • 1 Hot Dog $3.00
  • Fresh Homemade Pizza • 1 Slice $3.00 • 2 Slices $4.00
  • Grilled Angus Hamburger • 1 Hamburger $4.00
  • Crispy Chicken Tenders • 2 Tenders $4.25
  1. Choose one side:
  • Tasty Frito Lay Chips
  • Juicy Red Delicious Apple
  • Musselman’s Apple Sauce
  1. Choose one drink:
  • Ice Cold Pepsi Products
  • Galliker’s Milk (White/Chocolate)
  1. Add dessert: Galliker’s Vanilla Ice Cream Cup (75¢)

Menu Notes

Side items and drinks listed above are also available as additions to your group lunch for 75¢ each.

All meals subject to 6% State Sales Tax unless a PA Tax Exemption Number is provided at the time of booking.

Meal serving times may vary depending on the size of your group.

Info Subject To Change

Snack & Game Coupons!

For an extra bonus to your day, ask our group coordinator about snack & game coupons for your group!